While Valentine’s Day is usually the perfect excuse to go out, this year many people are searching for quarantine date ideas for safely celebrating at home. Whether out of precaution or preference, here are nine at-home, quarantine-safe date ideas this Valentine’s Day. 






Make That Take-Out Fancy

Just because you’re bringing your favorite restaurant home, you don’t have to eat it out of the containers. Make an effort to set the table and move food onto real plates. Pretend you’re actually at your favorite spot (with the added benefit of it being actually private and the wine isn’t overpriced). 


Create Your Own Paint & Sip

Consider this the best of both worlds: a fun activity without the one overly drunk couple who are doing more foreplay than finger painting. Put on music and pop a bottle of wine before starting onto your own canvases. Use a painting tutorial if you want some guidance (YouTube has HEAPS) or let your own creativity guide you.

Want a stress-free, all-in-one way to paint? Try a Paint By Numbers kit! We love this set. It comes with everything you need in one box. Plus, at the end of the night, you end up with a new piece of home decor you made together. 

Host a Game Night

Tune back into your childhood with old favorite games like Monopoly or Game of Life. If trivia is more your style, showcase your knowledge of your favorite decade with 80’s Trivia, 90’s Trivia, or 2000’s Trivia

If you’re competitive, up the stakes with a wager. Put some chores on the line or pick something unique to your relationship before the games begin. 






Have a Brunch Date

Breakfast in bed is overrated—and potentially a pain in the bum with crumb-filled and coffee-stained sheets, no thanks. Instead, hit the kitchen, play some Jack Johnson, pour some mimosas, and make banana pancakes. After all, who said Valentine’s Day meals have to be dinner? 


Plan a Future Road Trip

If you’ve been talking about a road trip, but can’t find time to plan it, this is the moment. Grab some classic road snacks to set the mood. Then, between handfuls of Mike & Ike’s, pick a route and research fun stops along it. 

  • Pro Tip! Share one computer while you work to avoid focusing more on your screens than on each other. Remember, the point of this date is quality time together! 

Quarantine requirements and travel restrictions may continue to make air travel difficult for months to come, but a road trip is easier to adjust. 






“Travel” to Italy Without a Plane Ticket

Currently making a “huh?” face with your head sideways? Don’t worry. There’s no plane travel required! Bring Italy to you with a three-course Italian meal, imported wine (limoncello or soda), and Italian music. After dinner, dance to the music or continue to chat across candlelight. 

Not into Italy? Pick any country to “visit”. Choose a traditional recipe and try to create a taste of the travel we missed out on last year. 


Try Conversation Starts

If you reach for your phone whenever conversation lulls, prepare for Valentine’s Day with a conversation starter set. Grab this set from Amazon to go through question prompts that range from giggle-worthy to head-scratching. You might even learn something new about each other. 


Prep Your Own Wine & Cheese Tasting 

Cut back on kitchen prep with an easy culinary experience. Create your own wine & cheese night with our free DIY Guide or opt for the effortless option with a pre-made cheese platter. For our fellow Austinites, we love Platter ATX, Grazeology, and Antonelli’s Cheese Shop. Place an online order for pick-up to stay quarantine-safe. 

Take it Easy

If planning something special for Valentine’s Day is more stressful than fun, then take it easy. 

Take a weekend full off without errands work, projects, or doom-scrolling your Twitter feed. Spend time disconnected from the world together. Sit back on the couch, kick up your feet, and queue your favorite show—after collecting some take-out, of course. 


Whether you use one of our quarantine date ideas or not, the most important element of any date for Valentine’s Day is spending time with your honey. Put down the phone and pay attention. 

January 29, 2021

9 Quarantine Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day


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