Our specialty is relieving the stress, overwhelm, and pressure that comes with planning a one-of-a-kind proposal.

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Grab a glass of champagne because this is your official welcome to Amore Austin!

We’re going to take a wild guess and say you’re here because you’re feeling overwhelmed about planning an unforgettable, non-cliché, and romantic proposal for your partner. Maybe you’ve tried a few times to impress them, but nothing has quite lived up to your (or their) expectations because of lack of time or creativity. Hey, no judgment! We completely understand and sympathize with how this is making you nervous to pop the question.

But here’s the good news: you don’t have to plan your proposal alone.

Many people put a lot of pressure on themselves to come up with a proposal all on their own, but don’t have experience in planning. And let’s be honest: romantic gestures are a whole event. So the way we see it is, if Cinderella had help from a fairy godmother to meet the partner of her dreams, you deserve expert help as well!

With a decade of experience in event planning and as Austin-exclusive proposal planners, we have the insight you need to design and execute an extraordinary proposal that’s as unique as your love story. Hearing our clients tell us how much they loved their event and how much they enjoyed working with us is extremely important to us, which is why you can relax those shoulders. You’re in excellent hands.

Need some more convincing? Take a look at our proposal gallery.

the values that drive us:

We’ve become Austin’s five-star proposal service because of our ability to design and execute unique proposal ideas. We love coming up with creative solutions to offer a proposal plan that’s as rare as each of our couples’ relationships and personalities.


Everything we do is led by quality in mind, from the vendors we choose to work with to the experiences we create to the time invested in each proposal. 


We’ll always remain in close contact so you feel comfortable and confident throughout the entire planning process. You will never be left in the dark.


We value creating proposals that feel authentic to you, which means collaboration is essential. Through real conversations (never online questionnaires) we’ll get to know you and your partner’s personalities, vision, and expectations.


Meet the Amore Austin Team

If you’ve ever been disappointed by your significant other’s lack of attention to detail and effort (we’ve all been there), you’ll understand exactly why I started Amore Austin. The high expectations I had for my past boyfriends led to some truly awkward nights out. But to understand why my expectations were so high, let me explain a little bit about my childhood.

I grew up seeing my parents’ love for each other in the form of Post-it-sized love notes from my mom to my dad, slipped in his carry-ons; as my dad’s surprise vow renewal ceremony on their 25th anniversary; and an overall affection for each other that seemed like second-nature.

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Tessa Bertamini, founder and lead planner of Amore Austin

It was their dedication to each other that fueled how I approached life, including the hard work and dedication I put into my career: event planning.


how my journey began...

When I was a teenager and attending school in Singapore, I began organizing events every weekend and covered tasks such as managing food and beverage, negotiating with venues, hiring security and photographers, and coordinating tickets for attendees. I turned this hobby into my full-time job, and my experience and ambition took me all around the world from Singapore to Boston to Chicago to plan high-profile multi-national events. I had the honor of working on events to raise money for scholarships, build unique experiences for large sales companies, launch grand openings, and even plan M&M’s summer concerts series.

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starting a business...

When I settled in Austin, I knew I wanted to create my own company, but wasn’t sure what yet. As I was brainstorming, I realized I could combine the lessons my parents taught me about love and passion, and my affinity for event planning. After all, romantic gestures are events of their own — from concept to coordination to execution, and this is what my parents did so naturally. (And my past boyfriends? Not so much.)

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putting it to the test...

I put this theory to the test by crafting completely customized proposals that included creative concepts, detailed organization, and attentive day-of execution for people who didn’t know how to transform their dream proposal into reality. It turns out, couples loved the concept! I saw couple after couple flourish, and their love for one another strengthen right in front of me. And I felt fulfilled because my clients’ dreams were coming to life.

Now, it's my mission to transform couples' dream proposals into reality by using creative solutions to design and execute luxuriously romantic proposals that are as unique as the couples we love to serve.

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