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We’ve put together a guide, How to Choose an Engagement Ring, to make your ring-shopping experience easier! By the end, you’ll know the most important information you need to know for choosing the perfect engagement ring.

Happily Ever After Starts with a Ring

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Founder and lead planner of Amore Austin. It's my mission to transform couples' dream proposals into reality by using creative solutions to design and execute luxuriously romantic proposals that are as unique as the couples we love to serve.


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You might have heard the old adage that the “best time to propose is when you know you’ll receive a yes.” We believe that this advice is solid – no one wants to experience the awkwardness or confusion that can come with a rejected proposal. Every couple is unique, but having discussions about whether or […]

May 3, 2022

Timing is Everything: When Is the Right Time to Pop the Question?


While we’ve seen plenty of engagement rings slide onto shaky, post-proposal fingers, we aren’t jewelers. To talk about engagement rings and diamonds, we had to bring in a real expert.

September 18, 2020

Engagement Rings 101: Expert Advice on Engagement Rings from Austin’s Favorite Jewelers  


September 3, 2020

Create the Story You Want to Tell

“So, when are you getting married?” When you’re dating, every friend and family member wants to know when the proposal is happening, but once you do ask, they’ll start asking, “How did they ask??”


FREE Engagement Ring Guide

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