“So, when are you getting married?” When you’re dating, every friend and family member wants to know when the proposal is happening, but once you do ask, they’ll start wondering, “How did they ask??” The story of your proposal will be told over and over for, well, quite some time!

The story of your marriage proposal becomes the topic of discussion. It becomes part of the origin story of your relationship. As Austin’s first proposal planner, we use a decade’s worth of event planning expertise to create a proposal story you want to tell over and over.



Founder Tessa photographed by Paige Newton for The Scout Guide Austin.Founder Tessa photographed by Paige Newton for The Scout Guide Austin.

What’s a Proposal Planner? 

A proposal planner is a niche-specific event planner, though some companies aren’t founded by experienced planners. After ten years planning parties, festivals, and banquets alike; we’re just happy to focus on what we really like. We, like a wedding planner, orchestrate the details of the event by assisting with vendors, venue, set-up, decor, and managing the event day-off so every step goes smoothly.

In short? A proposal planner tackles the stressful parts of proposing, so you’re free to focus on the proposal itself.

Why Hire a Proposal Planner? 

Proposal planners help with every part of popping the question. Here’s three signs we could make your life easier.

You’re stumped for creative ideas.

Amore Austin’s proposal planners create individual proposal concepts custom to each couple. We brainstorm together and come up with a unique, one-of-a-kind idea based on you and your relationship. There’s no stash of ready-made proposals to pick from. These are dreamed-to-order.

Unlike scouring the internet for ideas, what we come up with is completely personalized. Plus, we’re Austin experts. We live, work, and play here everyday. We’re not sending you to the “nearest italian restaurant.” We’re sending a chef to your kitchen who recreates the lasagna al forno from your first date. We have real, local know-how that Google just can’t find for you (even on page 3).

Every little detail is crafted just for you.



Photo by Paige Newton for The Scout Guide Austin.Photo by Paige Newton for The Scout Guide Austin.

You’re stressed by logistics.

For many, the stress of proposing overwhelms the excitement, especially for secret or large-scale proposals. Proposal planners are, at the core, event planners. Logistics are where we thrive. As your proposal planner, we tackle all the nitty-gritty from timing to take-down.

Before the big day, we plot what your perfect proposal needs. Plus, we know everyone locally. Whatever you’re envisioning, we know just who to hire. In the lead-up, we’re your personal concierge. From fetching the flowers to coordinating with photographers, we keep every “i” dotted and “t” crossed.

Day-of, you’re free to practice your smooth drop to one knee while we orchestrate behind-the-scenes.

You’re short on time.

No matter how many lightbulb moments you have and how organized you are, without the time to plan, a proposal can get stressful fast. A proposal planner takes the pressure off. Our personalized approach ensures that your proposal is still reflective of your love story, but without you needing to carve out time to scour through vendors, scout out locations, or shop for supplies.

We craft a vision together, so it’s just the proposal you want, but without sacrificing every lunch break to squeeze in some planning time.

As Austin’s proposal planners, we’d love to help you write the proposal story you want to tell, no matter why you’re hiring us. Our personalized planning process starts with a free, consultation call. Schedule yours today. 

September 3, 2020

Create the Story You Want to Tell


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