Your proposal day is a big deal – you want to create a memorable experience for your partner, show how much you love them, and begin a new chapter in your life. It’s completely normal to feel nervous leading up to such an important event. The key to reducing your nerves is to feel confident about your plans and know that you’ve taken steps to avoid mishaps. We often see folks make these five proposal mistakes when planning their to pop the question – avoid them and you’ll boost your confidence knowing your day will go off without a hitch!

1: Not Having a Plan B

There are several different unforeseen mishaps that can happen on the day you plan to pop the question. That’s why it’s important to have backup plans (and we can help with that!) If you’re planning on proposing on a workday, what can you do if you or your partner has to unexpectedly stay at the office late? What if you or a loved one’s flight gets delayed? If the custom ring isn’t ready on time?

Start by making a list of all of the components of your proposal. This includes the location, timing, and any reservations or rentals required. Write down a quick back-up idea in case something doesn’t quite work out the way you expected. If a snafu happens on proposal day, you’ll already be prepared and can transition to Plan B smoothly and with minimal headache.

2: Involving Too Many Friends and Family

They say you can’t have too much of a good thing, but that’s not always the case with proposals. Many couples want to be surrounded by their biggest supporters as they get ready to start their engagement – but sometimes this can lead things to go awry.

The more people know about your proposal, the more chances there are for someone to accidentally spill the beans out of excitement. It’s a big ask for someone to keep a secret – especially from their close friends and family members.

Consider paring down the invite list to the people most important to your significant other. Are there people whose presence is culturally or emotionally important to your partner? Make sure to include them, but take a second thought about including 10+ people. 

3: Forgetting About the Weather

When we’re planning big moments like a proposal, it’s super easy to forget about something that’s not in our control – the weather!

If an outdoor proposal is something you or your partner is looking for, make sure to think about the climate and weather of your location. What time of year will you be proposing in? What is the weather like then? Create a plan for if the weather on your proposal day isn’t as expected. For example, a backup location or a location with a gazebo can mitigate the effects of a rainy day.

Lighting is a consideration as well – take into account what time the sun rises and sets if you’re going for a late afternoon or early morning proposal, and think about if you want morning or afternoon light for your photos. 

Don’t forget about your clothes – including your shoes! Make a plan for how to communicate to your partner what they should wear without giving away the surprise. Think about footwear – will you be walking on grass? Will it be muddy or wet? Maybe a waterproof shoe without a tall heel would be best. Does your significant other think they look best in sleeveless clothes? Consider a summer proposal or encouraging them to wear an outfit that they will feel confident in for photographs. 

4: Not Leaving Enough Buffer Time

One of the biggest proposal mistakes we see is folks not leaving enough time in their day. If there are multiple components and locations to your proposal – such as driving to different locations, going on a scavenger hunt, or concluding the evening at a nice restaurant, make sure to leave enough time to get to each event!

Your and your partner will likely want to bask in the glow of your new engagement, take your time with photos, and explore the beautiful scenery around you. Leave enough time so that you don’t feel rushed between activities, and give yourself enough time to get to your dinner reservations even if there’s traffic. A leisurely day will feel more relaxed and intimate for both you and your partner! 

5: Don’t Hide the Ring in Food or Drink

We’ve all seen those cute romantic films where a partner is delightfully surprised when their dessert contains a diamond ring – but that trick should be left to Hollywood set designers. Trying this on your own can be a serious proposal mistake! Hiding a ring in food or drink can lead to a chipped tooth or a choking hazard. You also run the risk of your significant other not finishing the food before they get to the ring. The ring could even be damaged (particularly if you’re going with a softer gemstone ring).

Want to keep the element of surprise? Have a proposal with a great view, whether it’s outdoors or in a restaurant with beautiful windows. While your significant other is admiring the sights, wait till their back is turned, drop to one knee while holding the ring, and wait for them to turn around! 

Above all, remember to take a step back and enjoy your big day! This is an incredible moment in your love story with your partner – make sure to savor every minute!

Want help planning out all of the details? Need some reminders on which proposal mistakes to avoid? Click here to schedule a free Discovery Call with Austin’s top proposal planners! 

April 6, 2022

Avoid an ‘Oops’ on the Big Day – 5 Common Proposal Mistakes


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