Sekrit Theater is a whimsical, magical place, but why? We think it’s because of the history here.

Sekrit Theater, now a photography venue, was created years ago by Beau Reichert. As a former art director and antique shop owner, Beau purchased the land to create his home and art studio.

The Story

“It’s hard to imagine now, but this place was nothing but overgrown grass and a couple dilapidated shacks when I bought it in 2007. It was exactly what I needed—a blank slate to build an artistic refuge, a safe space to do what’s always made me happiest: create,” Beau said as quoted by David Leffler for Austin Monthly

Right away, Beau started to install his work throughout the land. After purchasing a collection of films from the Southwest Texas State archive in an auction, he began hosting movie nights in his yard.

Over ten years, he continued to add to the space (and work through that stack of movies). “When I’d get super anxious and stressed, my house was the place I went to to feel good, and I felt good at my house, so [I’d] invite my friends over. I like showing what I built. It’s like show-and-tell. It gives me something to be proud of. People would come every week to see what I’d done next,” he said as quoted by Nina Hernandez for The Austin Chronicle.

However, the movie nights with friends grew to include the entire neighborhood. An eclectic backyard became a hidden secret for Austin’s Eastside.



Hosting proposals here has the same feel as Beau’s backyard theater once did: people sharing a moment in time and falling (more) in love.

Hosting proposals here has the same feel as Beau’s backyard theater once did: people sharing a moment in time and falling (more) in love.

 “It just suddenly exploded. It went from my backyard to a landmark,” Beau said as quoted by Jessi Devenyns for EASTside Newsletter.

Movie nights expanded into an unofficial outdoor theater. Plus, Beau hosted charity events, weddings, and parties. The extra traffic attracted extra attention, and the land didn’t have proper zoning. In the middle of a growing neighborhood, it was complicated and costly to re-zone to satisfy the city code.

The time period as Austin’s secret theater had to end, but the space still had so much art and heart. People gathered for years here.

Instead, Beau decided to sell the land to someone who would continue its legacy. With the help of Austin Music Realty, they listed the property for sale.

“We consider this property to be a work of art… It’s precious to Austin.”

“We want to preserve it. We’re looking for a buyer that sees the value in what it is, sees it for what it is, and falls in love with it,” Dan Harvey of Austin Music Realty said as quoted by Nina Hernandez for The Austin Chronicle.



Our Sekrit Theater proposal experience takes place in the magic reenhouse.Our Sekrit Theater proposal experience takes place in the magic greenhouse.
The property was once a place for people to come together and share something whether it was a movie, wedding, or dance floor under the stars. Now, as one of our favorite Austin proposal locations, it continues to hold that same magic.

The Proposal Experience

We love Sekrit Theater for Beau’s artwork which provides a beautiful, versatile scenery unlike anything else. Plus, for the duration of your rental, it’s a private hideaway to share with your friends and family (or with only your honey).

Our Sekrit Theater proposal includes the reservation, set-up, and personal preparation so you arrive with the scene set. With dozens of LED candles, we line the walkway and entrance to lead you both into the gorgeous greenhouse. Inside, fresh floral arrangements match your custom color palette. Once inside, framed in the vine-covered glass, you’ll pop the question.

After, linger in this otherworldly venue together for a champagne toast at your intimate, two-person table. The base reservation time is one and half hours, so there’s no rush. You can celebrate together and, if you’d like, capture the moment with an added photography package at this special venue.

If you’d like to propose in a space that’s uniquely Austin, we’d love to help plan your Sekrit Theater Proposal Experience. Book now or reach out to discuss your proposal.

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August 20, 2021

Sekrit Theater: Our Favorite Eastside Austin Proposal Spot


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