Meet Ajay and Nikita. In fact, say congrats! This beautiful couple just got engaged on November 8th, 2020 with an outdoor proposal in Austin; and we had the pleasure of planning it!

Just a week before the day we wanted to propose, Ajay reached out to Amore Austin: stressed and overwhelmed. Within a few, short hours, we created a proposal plan that transformed that stress into pure excitement.



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Their Story

Ajay and Nikita’s friendship began six years ago when they met through mutual friends while living in India. Coincidentally, both Ajay and Nikita separately moved to the US in 2016. They remained in touch and their friendship soon blossomed into a romantic relationship.



Floral bouquets had specific pink tones to match Nikita’s planned outfit so their photos were perfect.


Floral bouquets had specific pink tones to match Nikita’s planned outfit so their photos were perfect.


Fast forward to November 2020. Ajay knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Nikita. And he knew Nikita wanted a very romantic proposal. Yet, he didn’t know how to plan a romantic, outdoor proposal in Austin.

Since he didn’t live in Austin, Ajay didn’t know where to propose. In the hunt for the perfect place, time got away from him. Wanting to propose on their special day, but lost for how to do right by his honey, he was stuck.

Stressed out and overwhelmed, Ajay reached out to us, Amore Austin, to help. Together, we swapped that stress for excitement by custom designing a marriage proposal for him—even in a time crunch. After all, we do love to play fairy godmother, sometimes.



We think out version of candlelight puts even Monica’s proposal to shame, don’t you think?


We think out version of candlelight puts even Monica’s proposal to shame, don’t you think?

Why an outdoor proposal in austin was perfect

Ajay shared right away that they both loved nature. He envisioned their proposal being secluded and private. Plus, with the continuing concern for coronavirus (COVID-19), we needed to create a proposal that was uniquely safe for the environment of 2020. We knew that meant they were destined for an outdoor proposal in Austin. So, we needed to secure an outdoor venue that would be the perfect fit:

  1. A place without other people around on a Sunday afternoon (for safe, social distancing and intimate privacy).

  2. Amore Austin could customize the space for the romantic vision we imagined.

  3. Nikita could wear her favorite outfit for their engagement photos, so locations with hiking didn’t fit.

Luckily, with just a week to work our magic, Amore Austin found the perfect place. We rented an elevated, outdoor deck from a kind homeowner and transformed the entire garden into a candlelit, romantic oasis for their outdoor proposal in Austin.

The Design

Drawing on Nikita’s love of pink, we themed the decor on her favorite color. Florals and table dressings both pulled in a varied range of magenta and rose that melded with the warm light from candles and the sunset itself alike. The backdrop of natural greenery only made the pink palette pop that much more.

With their engagement photos in mind, the bottom deck was carefully crafted to picturesque backdrop for Ajay to get down on one knee. On the mid-deck, we set-up a luxury picnic for Ajay and Nikita to celebrate their engagement privately (and safely) together. To top it off, we customized a playlist with Nikita’s favorite love songs so no detail was left to some shuffle mode.

It was truly an honor to create this romantic marriage proposal for Ajay and Nikita! Even without having a wand to wave around, we felt like godmothers at work putting together the perfect outdoor proposal in Austin for these two.

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Proposal Planning + Event Design by Amore Austin

Photography by Sarah Tribett

Florals by Savanna Paige

December 2, 2020

An Outdoor Proposal in Austin, TX: Ajay and Nikita’s Picnic Proposal


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