The holidays are barreling towards us, and the gift shopping panic is hovering in the distance. This year, we’re ditching bundles of boxes and opting for envelopes with the promises of something greater: experience gifts. 

Here’s five reasons why experience gifts reign supreme.




As cheesy as it sounds, the best gift really is spending time together. That’s why experience gift reign supreme.


As cheesy as it sounds, the best gift really is spending time together. That’s why experience gifts reign supreme.


1. People remember experiences.

Be honest, do you remember everything you were gifted during the holidays last year? If you do, we’re impressed; because we don’t. Material gifts, especially long-term, aren’t as memorable as experiences. 

Now, for contrast, try to remember an event. Think of your first concert, or your best date. Think of a surprise birthday party. Almost everyone remembers events and moments even years later. By giving experience gifts, you give a memory that lasts. 


2. Experience gifts are actually more enjoyable. 

Don’t believe our bold claims? That’s okay! Because science supports it! Researchers at San Francisco State University recently investigated how accurately people understand their expectations when choosing to purchase material items or life experiences. They concluded that people found more enjoyment from experience gifts and considered them a better use of their own money. 



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In a complementing study at Cornell university, Dr. Thomas Gilovich concluded that with material gifts, we’re happiest with them when we first get them. That rush of opening a gift and seeing something new is intense, but short-lived. Over time, the enjoyment from a material gift declines. With experience gifts, the opposite happens! 

Experiences are more enjoyable both when compared to value for money and over time. 

Better yet, unlike a new sweater that’s only enjoyed by its’ new owner, experience gifts are often enjoyed together. No matter how cute a sweater is, it can’t top quality time with someone you love. 


3. No one sees them coming! 

Since they aren’t yet the norm, experience gifts break the mold for gift-gifting. Oftentimes, the items someone really wants or needs, they’ll purchase for themselves if they aren’t gifted. 

However, people tend not to explore outside of their comfort zone with new experiences, so you give both a surprise and widen their horizons. 

4. Experience gifts are more customizable.

Unlike something off a shelf at the store, experience gifts are often customizable . In this way, they’re more thoughtful and inherently more personal to your recipient. 

At Amore Austin, we create entirely from-scratch, personal experiences for couples so a gifted date (or proposal) is planned just for your recipient. It’s entirely unique from anything else (and they’ll know that). Psst—If you’re hoping for brownie points, this is the easiest way. 



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5. Memories age better than objects. 

Overtime, new models come out. Items age. Interests change. For whatever the reason, usually our favorite thing changes month to month and year to year. Just like the research Dr. Gilovich outlined, satisfaction from a material gift begins to decline after the wrapping paper’s on the floor, but with experience gifts? Satisfaction levels continue to rise overtime as you reflect and remember a unique experience with your honey. 

For your gift exchange, an experience gift is either a surprise event right then or there’s anticipation that lasts out of the holiday period. Then, day-of, your recipient gets to enjoy the moment you picked for them. Whether that’s fun, relaxing, thrilling… Whatever it is, the day itself is obviously awesome! 

But then after? The memory of that day lasts. It’s a day that was thoughtfully planned, thoroughly enjoyed, and destined to be remembered. 

That’s why we love experiencing gifts for the holidays. Whether for your honey or a couple in your life, we’d love to help plan something special just for them. Schedule your free consultation today. 

Want to know the secret, extra benefit of experience gifts? If you leave gift giving too late to ship, an experience gift doesn’t require shipping or even packaging. So, even if you’re reading this on Christmas Eve drenched in stress-sweat, you’re good. Schedule a consultation, write about your plan in a card, and go from seriously screwed to seriously awesome

November 22, 2020

The Best Gifts Aren’t Things – Why We’re Gifting Experiences


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